All of our jewelry is costume jewelry. A rule of costume jewelry is it should be the last item put on and the first to take off. It is gold dipped, gold plated, and gold filled. This does not meant that it is solid gold. Gold plated in a little heartier that dipped, and gold filled is heartiest, but it should still be handled with care.

Here are some costume jewelry tips:

  • Keep jewelry away from, lotions, potions, perfume, hairspray or any other chemicals.
  • When your jewelry is not being worn please keep it in the pouch or box we provided you with at purchase . It is important not keep it away from other jewelry.
  • Always keep your jewelry dry - that means not swimming or showering with it on.
  • Only Clean your jewelry with products specifically designed to clean costume jewelry. 



Unless otherwise stated, all of our rings are a size 6. Many of our rings are adjustable. Also, due to the delicate nature if you are not exactly a 6, it still might fit you. for example, I am a 6.5 and I can wear all of our rings.